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Benefits of Impact Windows

  • Savings - Huge Savings on not only energy costs but home insurance costs as well
  • Safety - Impact windows offer defense and protection from storms as well as unwanted vandals and burglars
  • Noise Reduction - The thick laminated glass of impact windows acts as a barrier to reduce outdoor noise
  • Value - Homes offering impact windows demand a higher resale price
  • Curb Appeal - Impact windows update the look of your home and create an instant aesthetic upgrade
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Guaranteed Quality - Made in the USA

At Loxahatchee Door and Window, our high volume allows us to offer the best quality impact windows for the lowest price. We work with only the most reputable and qualified US manufacturers in the industry.

We have developed strong partnerships with our impact resistant window suppliers and purchase within our local community. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best quality service, pricing and products in all of South Florida.

If you're looking for the best supplier and installer of hurricane windows and impact resistant doors, you've come to the right place! Serving all of Palm Beach, Dade, Broward, Martin and St Lucie counties.

Are Impact Windows Really that Important?


Hurricane Central

Preparing for hurricanes is practically a way of life for our team at Loxahatchee Door and Window, as well as the rest of South Floridians. Without hurricane resistant windows and doors installed, the typical routine goes like this:

  1. Board up your home with clunky heavy plywood
  2. Stock up on batteries, canned goods, water and other supplies
  3. Wait for the storm to pass while sitting in the dark, hot house

Sound Familiar? Now, before you continue reading – stop and consider this. Before the next hurricane season is upon us, without impact windows, do you truly feel protected with your home’s current window and door situation? If you said no, contact us today! We work with the most advanced engineered systems to ensure superior quality and the best product function with the highest ratings of energy efficiency, noise reduction and protection.

Several Types of Impact Windows to Choose From

Sliding Impact Windows

These impact resistant sliding windows are common in many houses in South Florida, and my even be required by your local building department as a means of escape in bedrooms.  They operate the same way as a single or double hung, only on a different axis.


Bay Windows

Bay impact windows can offer homeowners a great deal of advantages including natural lighting and added space. A bay window has three openings, available in angled projections. The overall structure consists of a picture window with two other windows, usually smaller, on either side.

Single Hung Windows

Single-hung Impact Windows are constructed with commercial-grade aluminum or vinyl frames. With even sight-lines, water and air resistant captured bottom rail, stainless steel fasteners and  weatherstripping. These windows maintain the stylish look of a traditional single-hung window.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are possibly the most secure window type. There can be single pane or double-pane and each has the option to open from different directions, much like a door.  For example, the windows can swing outward from the left or right side.

Double Hung Windows

The double hung is our best seller and is suited for all architectural styles. A double-hung impact window provides a classic appearance in any home. Beneath its traditional appearance, this low maintenance window is hard at work providing durable, energy efficient performance.

Awning Windows

Our awning windows perfectly compliment the simplicity of modern design while providing maximum view and ventilation. Cherished for their clean, uncluttered views and their ease of operation – opening and closing with the turn of one easy to reach handle, these windows offer a hinge on the top are are often used in bathrooms.

Bow Impact Windows

At first glance, bow impact windows and bay impact windows can look a lot alike. Both will do much to open up a room and let it breathe. The difference is a bay window has three openings, available in angled projections. A bow window usually has four or five windows also angled away from the home.


Architectural impact windows are a stylish addition to your home. These windows can be made in a variety of styles, but usually are found to be circles, triangles, trapezoids or arches. Their use with other window styles makes for a stunning focal point to any home's curb appeal.

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"It was a pleasure dealing with Loxahatchee Door and Window. Its not often that we experience such good customer service here in South Florida. We are so used to bad service here that when we come across a company that actually does what it promises it becomes almost unbelievable!! Thank you so much!"

-Kristen H

"I am very impressed with the engineering, construction, quality and price of the windows. The team that installed the windows were the most courteous and professional I have ever worked with.  Thanks for helping me make my home more energy efficient and safe!"

-Jenna P

"Loxahatchee Door and Window was the last quote we got for our project.  Thankfully we contacted them because they were able to give us the same products as other companies quoted us for approximately 25% cheaper."

-Wyatt R


A well-managed and well-executed impact window and door replacement will give your home and business ultimate style and protection. Our goal is to offer the highest quality products and services at the lowest prices.